Community Events

National Racehorse Week 2022 was able to provide experiences for local communities to connect with the racehorse, inspire the next generation, grow new audiences, promote inclusivity and show racing as a force for good.

A number of trainers, studs, racehorse aftercare centres opened their doors to allow schools, urban equestrian centres, children’s hospitals and emergency workers to visit their yards, giving a behind the scenes look at the horseracing industry and the excellent care that racehorses receive from those that work with them.

National Racehorse Week 2022 together with Racing to School and Racing Together organised:

26 community events took place engaging 800 individuals

11 Schools

4 Urban Equestrian Centres

5 Care Homes

6 Charity and Community Groups


Lambourn CE Primary School

“These visits inspire, motivate and provide our children with an experience they may never have despite living at the heart of a racing community.”

Jo Foster


‘”These wonderful horses offer us so much more than simply winning races; they put smiles on people’s faces and can genuinely help improve their mood. It’s also an opportunity for people to come and see how much we love and care for our racehorses – which is what National Racehorse Week is all about.”


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