Is registering essential?

  • Yes,  registering is essential for all yard visits.

Is there parking at the yards?

  • Free parking will be available at all yard visits. When you arrive at the yard, please follow signage, or the onsite staff directions.

Do you have disabled access?

  • The majority of our yard’s will be accessible for disabled and scooter users.
  • Please check each individual yard’s page for disabled access.

Will I be able to buy refreshments?

Where food/drink is available – it could be cash only. Please check the yards open day page to confirm. Be advised to bring a long cash just in case as often there are issues with signal for card payments and many yards do also do collections for charity.

Will I get muddy/dirty on the tour?

  • You can expect to experience a day in the life of a horseracing yard so it is possible that you might get a little muddy!
  • If the forecasted weather is rain, please do bring appropriate clothing as not all areas of the yard are undercover.

Can I bring my dog?

No dogs are allowed on yard visits – if the yard is a “dog friendly yard” it will be indicated on their events page and we advise to keep your dog on a lead at all times. Please respect that the yard is a working environment and all must behave with the best safety of the people and animals on the yards.

Can I book on to more than one event?

No, you can only book to attend one event per email address registered.

I am on a waitlist can I also book on to another event?

No, you will have to remove your place on the waitlist to be able to book onto another event.