Lou Robson – Thoroughbred Dressage
Padbury, Buckinghamshire

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Sun 11th Sep
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Thoroughbred Dressage was established in 2015 by Louise Robson, a stable dedicated to the retraining of racehorses with a dressage focus. Lou and her thoroughbreds compete throughout the levels both at regional and national level.

Lou retrains for various owners, the most notable being HM The Queen, who currently has three horses based with Thoroughbred Dressage; Quadrille, Princes Trust and Forthbridge. Quadrille is currently the highest competing ex racehorse in the UK, with the hopes of competing at the highest level, Grand Prix, on the very near future.

Alongside competing, Lou helps others on their retraining journey and helps ex-racehorses find their new homes post racing. Thoroughbred Dressage has rehomed ex-racehorses across the UK and across the world. Through teaching clinics held across the UK and on her website, Lou has helped to forge countless horse and rider partnerships and give the ex-racehorses their best life possible in their second career post racing.

Facilities and access

  • No dogs allowed
  • Parking available
  • Toilet facilities available
  • Majority accessible to wheelchairs/mobility scooters
Padbury Hill Farm
MK18 2BN

What to expect

Meet the retired racehorses
Hosted yard or stable tour
Schooling demonstration

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